15+ Cute Messy Updos from Pintrest

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15+ Cute Messy Updos from Pintrest – The key to creating a messy updo hair style is the first style hair must be messy. There are many ways to give your hair look messy. If you have naturally wavy hair, then there is not much to do. However, if you have straight hair, then you’ll need to work harder to achieve the hairstyle looks messy updo. To make straight hair look messy, there are many ways. The easiest is to use sea salt spray on your hair, then make four equal parts in your hair. Make a braid of four sections of your hair. Wait until the hair is dry, then tie your hair and you will have great beach waves in your hair, which you can use to create messy updos. Another way to a messy style straight hair include using rollers, curling iron, curl, etc.

Cute Messy Updos

Cute Messy Updos

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